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KN95 Mask


Item Introduction:

Material:Non-woven Fabric . Thermal Insulation Cotton
packing:10 pcs / 1 bag ,50 pcs / 1 box
Weight:6g / Mask
Grade: CE FFP2

Item Details:

* Preserves heat and is waterproof
* Soft texture and comfortable wear
* PM 2.5 filtration

4 layer filter function:
1. Outermost layer: Waterproof non-woven fabric, which can insulate liquid and prevent flying foam;
2. The second layer: hot air cotton, thermal insulation, moisture-proof and moisture-proof, etc., and improve the wearer’s comfort;
3. The third layer: melt spray cloth, basic filtration of suspended particles, and industrial waste gas, to prevent pollen allergy;
4. Innermost layer: soft skin friendly non-woven fabric, improves the wearer’s comfort, isolates the liquid, and has the effect of antifoam。


10 PC, 3 PC, 5 PC