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4D Double V Face Lifting Masks Collagen Hydro gel Mask



The gravity and bad daily habits, making our facial skin, especially the chin skin sagging, our Lifting Firming Face Care Mask can effectively replenish facial moisture, reduce skin sagging, enhance skin elasticity, and shape the perfect V line chin.

Due to age, our skin gradually lost moisture and collagen. Our belts can effectively fix the face contours, you use it with the mask and can make the face smaller and make the perfect V-line Shape.

Rich extracts – prevent facial fibers changing into adipose tissue and prevent fat accumulation.

Anti-allergic – no irritating substances such as paper, ginger, no side effects of skin problems and skin burns

Moisturizing, whitening, repairing – Helps moisturize and maintain skin moisture, repairs and stimulates cell regeneration, helping to improve rough and dry skin problems.


Item Name: V-line sheet masK

Ingredient: Juniper fruit and collagen, Fennel essential oil, BI-SKIM high-efficiency lifting factor (not only the effect of V face, but also fade the law lines), ELASTEM (repair skin elasticity, Firming skin) collagen reforming complex.

Shelf life:3 years


1 PC, 5 PC