Eyelash Cleaning and Facial pores Cleaning brush




Designed to clean every pores of Eyelash Extension and especially for facial skin.
The brush helps you clean your dirt, sebum, blackheads and makeup residue
Deep cleaning on nose, eyes and lips
Ultra-fine microfiber soft hair, reduce friction with the skin irritation
Mini size fine pore clear brush for nose area which is difficult to wash with ordinary pore brush
You can see the blackheads, whiteheads and dead cells will disappeared after using this smart brush
Perfect for nose and facial washing

Material: Soft Fine Fiber
Brush handle length: About 9cm

How to Use:
Wet the brush with water and rub with cleanser(any type) to make mild lather.
Gently rub on needed parts like around the nose or between eyebrows.

After use, wash the brush clearly and hang on to dry.

Package Content:
1 Cleaning Brush