Disposable Nitrile Medical Gloves


100pcs Disposable PVC Transparent Gloves
-Color: Transparent
-Material: PVC
-Optional Model: S,M, L

-Good elasticity can be stretched to a relatively long length to meet the elastic requirements that you want.
-Suitable for household cleaning, hygiene inspection, food, chemical industry and so on.
-Effectively isolate oil, dust, droplets, etc., great to protect your hands from getting dirt.
-Made of quality PVC material, sturdy and not easy to break, non-toxic, hygienic and healthy.
-Can use a phone with glove wearing, light and comfortable, sensitive touch control, convenient and flexible.

100pcs Disposable Blue Nitrile Glove
-Color: blue
-Material: Nitrile
-Optional Model: S,M, L

-Anti-oil, anti-static fingertip numb design
-Good elasticity, soft and comfortable
-Glossy design, fits the skin of speed hand without slipping
-High air tightness and leak proof
-Can be used for food processing