Premium Reusable Contact Lenses


Magister Cosmetic Contact Lenses, 2pcs/pair 3 Tone Star Series Colored Contact Lenses Annually Colored Eye Lenses 12 Months Life



Product: 2pcs/pair Colored Contact Lenses for Eyes Color 3 Tone Series Eye Contacts With Colored Lenses Eye

· Water content: 40%
· Life Span: Yearly Disposable Contacts
. Sold as a pair
. Wear for a maximum 8 hours
. Power: 0.00
· Center thickness: 0.06mm
· Base curve: 8.6mm
· Diameter: 14.5mm
· Lens material: HEMA
· Lenses color: Varies
· Lenses hardness: Soft
· Package included: 1pair Color contact lenses (With Case)
The lenses are only for cosmetic eye color, not optical lenses, you can’t choose power.
Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline
Manufactured in accordance with the FDA Cosmetics Directive
CE and FDA Approved
Made in Korea
Instructions Included with Package
Note: All Magister cosmetic soft contact lenses come in pairs. Remember, our lenses come with a case but DO NOT come with an extra solution. For 6-month to 12-month lenses, you will need a solution to maintain your lenses. You will also need to soak them before your first use. You can buy these online from our website too!

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