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super numb


External Use Only

A strong anesthetic ointment that will control almost the total amount of pain. Especially designed for those sensitive areas, such as the lips, eyes and eyebrows while doing the procedure. Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera have been added for soothing relief! Use repeatedly as needed. Can also be mixed with BioGel to control trauma to the skin, or swelling and bleeding.

Features That Make BioTouch Anesthetics The Best!


Made with the highest effectiveness available without a prescription. Our anesthetics are created through a special cold process instead of a heat process. The cold process is better than heat because the ingredients are combined more effectively.

Important Benefits:

Some clients may be more sensitive, excitable or very nervous. Once anesthetic is applied and they realize it does not hurt, and there is minimal swelling or bleeding, they tend to calm down. This makes it much easier to do the procedure!

Usage & Precautions

1. IMPORTANT! Check the client’s medical history form to see if they have any unusual allergic reactions to topical or local anesthetics.

2. Most clients will know what they are allergic to and can tell you. If there is concern that your client is allergic to something, get a medical release from their doctor, or don’t do the procedure at all.

3. Topical anesthetics are generally used for the following: to deaden the nerve endings in the skin (which affects only the surface), relieve pain and itching caused by conditions such as minor cuts, scratches, waxing, electrolysis, permanent makeup pigmentation, para-medical micropigmentation, body tattooing, post laser peels, and other pain sensitive procedures.


1 Unit, 20 Unit