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Eyelash Extension Dryer



Do you have a slow drying glue that you love, but hate how slows it dries?

Here, we have for you a cute powerful little mini fan that will speed up slow drying glues.

This fan may be small but it will definitely get the job done.

Small, light and compact.

Should blow lashes after application for glue to be completely dry before letting customers open their eyes.

Also great for traveling in hot weather.

Instruction: Work or Charge State will be blue light.

Charging full will be Red light.

Refrigeration sponge: Push back the cover,

take out the sponge which soaked in pure water,

wring it out, install it back to the cover.

The effect will be better if refrigerate the soaking sponge or Drop a few perfume.

Size: 12*7*3cm


Package included:

1x Air Conditioning Fan