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Cavitation RF Body Slimming, Fat Burner And Anti Cellulite


Power: DC-5V, 1A
Measurement: 85.8(diameter)*85mm(height) 270g. (Device only)
Accessories: Main device, USB cable, Manual

RF therapy:
6million times/Minute high frequency radio waves, great device for Skin Tightening, Reduce Cellulite and Fat Burner.

CV ultrasound mode:
The 1Mhz ultrasound therapy which is often used by professional slimming machines. High frequency vibration ultrasound therapy can remove
Remove deep cellulite
Reduce stubborn fat
Achieve slimming and body shaping effect.

LED Red Blue Light Therapy Mode:
The red & blue lights are high intensity cold light. It improve skin condition, tender skin, help you regain young and vitality skin!

Best Results For:
Love Handles
Fat Calves
Tighten and Tone the Thighs
Under Legs
Striae Gravidarum
Stretch Marks

Great invention, desired results with extremely great price!

When charging the machine/device it does not work. Make sure use the device after its fully charged. Device can be use 10 times when is fully charged.