Lady Black Glue 10ml



Lady Black (10ml) is Sky Glue’s premium version set in 1-3 secs, 4-5 weeks retention, extremely low fume/irritation, perfect viscosity for both volume and classic lash extensions… And works well in both low and high humidity (20-70%)! Lady Black is also a Korea Certification (KC)

Lady Black is the premium version of Sky S/S+ (often referred to as “black cap”).

The viscosity is ideal for volume as well as classic (1:1) lash extensions.

Skilled professionals ONLY. Do not use this item on yourself.


• Can work in both Low and high humidity (20-70%)

• Ideal for volume (2-7D) AND classic (1:1)

• 1-3 seconds fast drying time at 50%-65%RH @ 24C-26C (for intermediate to advanced techs)

• 4-5 seconds drying time at 20%-50%RH @ 21C-23C (for beginners)

• 4 – 5 weeks retention

• Premium version of Sky S/S+ glues

• Very Low fume/irritation formula – hardly any compared to Sky S/S+

• More flexible and reduces cracking when dried.

• Lasts up to 8 weeks from opening.

• Ideal temperature: 23-25C (73-76F). Minimum 21C (72F)

• Size: 10ml

***IMPORTANT*** FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY – under no circumstances should you attempt to apply this glue to your own eyelashes. Always perform a patch test on new clients to ensure no reaction occurs.