Body Waxing Course with Kit


Body Waxing Course Curriculum

What will you learn:

Structure and anatomy of the hair and hair follicle
Hair growth cycle
Contra-indications for waxing
Before and after treatment
Equipment and products needed
Setting up your room and work area
Sanitation and Hygiene
After care
Step by step explanation of waxing each individual part of the body including:
1. ½ leg, foot, and toe wax

2. Full leg and bikini wax

3. Bikini wax (Normal, XX and XXX

4. Underarm Wax

5. ½, 3/4 and full arm wax

6. Lip

7. Eyebrow wax (including the correct procedure for re-shaping the brow)

8. Back and shoulder wax (men)

9. Chest and stomach wax (men)

10. Metal Spatula Method (wax pot)

11. Single Dip Method (wax pot)

12. Strip/ Hot wax Method