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our customers will cherish the quality and worth. these lash evacuation are engineered lashes covered in silk for a rich look and feel. the lashes are delicate and don’t have a solid or plastic-like feel, and the silk covering gives the lashes a sparkling and normal look.

our discount eyelash packs arrive in an assortment of choices so you can tweak your contributions to your customers’ requirements.

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we realize that the eyelashes are just important for the provisions your salon needs, so we offer substantially more. your customers will adore the solace of our gel eye cushions. the eye cushions are not just agreeable to wear and simple to utilize however won’t harm the fragile under-eye skin. you won’t ever utilize tape again once you attempt our eye cushions.


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Made by similar makers as the well known Sky Glue, Lady Black is essential for their top notch range. It has been created to give ideal maintenance. It is viewed as a delicate paste.

It’s anything but a medium thick consistency and low vapor.


Unopened: Under 20% dampness (the lower the better), 6-16ºC

Opened: Tightly fixed top, in a sack with a silica parcel (to lessen dampness levels) in a cool dim spot. Opened pastes ought to be disposed of multi month subsequent to being opened, conceivably sooner relying upon capacity conditions.

Key data:

Dry time: 2-4 seconds

Dampness: 50-70%

Temperature: 19-25 ºC

Delicate paste

Maintenance: 4-5 weeks (contingent upon application and dampness/temp)

Consistency: Medium/Thick

Vapor: Low

Size: 10mil

Made: In Korea

Ideal for: Classic and Volume

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Maintenance + stick is the greatest executioner or promoter for your sets and your client encounters.

In spite of the fact that aftercare is likewise a need, guaranteeing you are working with the best item for your current circumstance is essential.