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Lashes australia welcome you to investigate our top notch scope of lashes and embellishments. We are focused on giving top notch items that are moral and imaginative. Maybe than loading different brands we decide to imagine, make and wonderful our own.

We couldn’t imagine anything better than to see who you’re lashing and imparting our items to.

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Shop all lash supplies, kits and accessories

Salon proven lash products


Lashes australia welcome you to investigate our top notch scope of lashes and embellishments. We are focused on giving top notch items that are moral and imaginative. Maybe than loading different brands we decide to imagine, make and wonderful our own.

We couldn’t imagine anything better than to see who you’re lashing and imparting our items to.

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Magnetic Eyelashes

We stock an enormous scope of attractive lashes from Ardell, Eylure, Kiss USA and Lola’s Lashes. Assuming you’re searching for attractive eyelashes, we have you covered with the best determination of any site here in the Australia Newzealand UK or Europe. With quick conveyance and extraordinary client support to back up our incredible determination of lashes, there’s no compelling reason to look elsewhere. We offer a scope of conveyance alternatives in the Australia Newzealand UK or Europe, including 24 hour conveyance. We likewise transport around the world, with DHL Express a delivery alternative for most nations.

Without a doubt, you can purchase attractive lashes direct from the brand in a ton of cases. Yet, the magnificence of our site is that you can shop the entirety of your #1 brands and styles in a single spot! Assuming you’re requesting from the Australia Newzealand UK or Europe, you’ll get totally FREE conveyance when you burn through Aus dollar 20 or more. On the off chance that you’re shopping from abroad, you’ll possibly pay one conveyance accuse when you request of us. What could be superior to that? Very polished lashes and an extraordinary arrangement!

We stock attractive lashes with and without attractive liner

Browse top selling styles like Ardell Wispies and Demi Wispies. You can likewise look over successes like Kiss Crowd Pleaser and Lust. It doesn’t make any difference in case you’re searching for lash and liner units or simply attractive lashes all alone, we have you covered. There are two key kinds of attractive eyelashes: The customary ‘sandwich’ lashes, and the more current scorch lashes that require an attractive liner to cling to your eyelids. Prior to making your buy twofold check if the lashes you like require attractive eyeliner. Sometimes this is sold independently, remember to add it to your crate to keep away from disillusionment when your eyelashes show up.

While bunches of lash brands were behind the curve of attractive lashes, advancement has sped up and you’ll currently discover top lash styles accessible in attractive structure. This goes for the previously mentioned Ardell Wispies and Demi Wispies, and furthermore staple works of art from Eylure, for example, style Fluttery Light 007 and Fluttery Light 117. As time passes by, hope for something else and more top venders from the significant brands to show up in attractive structure.

The advancement of attractive lashes has been unbelievably quick in reality. Since their dispatch in 2014 there’s been steady advancement. Attractive lashes are currently ostensibly more well known than conventional strip lashes, which is very noteworthy when you consider that strip lashes have been around for a century or more.

Advantages of attractive lashes

Attractive eyelashes have numerous advantages. The greatest, maybe, being the expense advantage. Whenever dealt with carefully and really focused on appropriately, attractive lashes can be worn a lot a bigger number of times than customary, stuck or pre-stuck bogus eyelashes. No shabby paste to eliminate from sensitive lash groups implies you get significantly more wear out of attractive falsies.

In the event that you’ve avoided bogus eyelashes up to this point since you don’t care for tinkering with lash paste, or you battle to apply standard strip lashes, then, at that point you will adore attractive lashes. They’re ideal for novices and are an incredible other option in the event that you need a fast and simple eyelash upgrade. There is no wreck or quarrel and they require only a couple seconds to apply – with a little practice you’ll have the option to apply them in a matter of moments by any means. Attractive lashes are additionally a lot simpler to apply than flare or individual lashes, they’re likewise much simpler to eliminate and there’s a far lower possibility of accidentally pulling out your own, normal lashes. This can be excruciating!

Maybe the best advantage of attractive lashes is that you don’t need to book a lash tech weeks ahead of time. In the event that you extravagant some extra with your cosmetics look, you can pop them on in simply an issue of minutes. Attractive lashes offer amazing adaptability – brief they’re on, the following they’re off. Also, you can wear regular glancing lashes in the day, then, at that point change them out for something somewhat more sensational in case you’re arranging an evening of tasting mixed drinks with the young ladies. Attractive lashes are much more adaptable and commonsense than customary strip lashes and expert lash augmentations.

Remember that the expense investment funds are additionally critical. Kiss attractive lashes, for instance, can be worn up to multiple times when cared for cautiously. The Kiss lash and liner sets work out at just shy of Ausd 18 – so everything considered, on the off chance that you get 20 wears out of your pair of lashes, that is under £1 per wear. Contrasted with the expense of expertly applied lash augmentations, attractive bogus lashes are a whole lot less expensive. Also, way less upkeep as well!

Applying attractive lashes

To apply attractive lashes, you essentially pop the upper lash on top of your normal lash line and position it into place (expecting you bought the ‘sandwich’ assortment.) You then, at that point get the lower lash and spot it under the upper lash, this is the place where the two magnets will shape along with your regular lashes in the middle.

The application for attractive lashes with liner is somewhat unique – and a few group would contend it’s really simpler. Assuming you request one of the attractive lash and liner units, the method is marginally extraordinary as there’s just one lash in the pack, which clings to the attractive liner once applied. Just apply the attractive liner to your eyelid, then, at that point press the single lash on tenderly. It’s just as simple as that!

The entirety of the lashes we supply in our attractive reach accompany application directions imprinted on the pack or included inside the pack. Thusly you’ll never be confused for application tips and best practices. In any case, on the off chance that you do battle, our client care group will be happy to help, if it’s not too much trouble, simply call our office on (+61) 452135217. On the other hand, there are heaps of recordings on YouTube by different influencers and cosmetics craftsmen. In these recordings they share tips and deceives on the quick and safe use of your #1 attractive lashes.

Eliminating attractive eyelashes is a doddle. Simply pop them off and you’re done – remember to store them some place protected (in a hard case if conceivable) so they don’t get crushed in your cosmetics sack or lose their shape. Assuming you’re utilizing attractive lashes with liner, you’ll see that occasionally attractive eyeliner can be somewhat obstinate to eliminate. Assuming you’re discovering that to be the situation, we enthusiastically suggest the Natural Cleansing Oil from Lola’s Lashes.

How would you know when your attractive lashes are prepared for the canister? All things considered, there are a couple of approaches to tell. Regularly you’ll see they become deformed or begin to shed hairs. This can bring about a less full look, and the lash style itself beginning to look somewhat messed up. Now and again you’ll likewise track down that a development of attractive liner or potentially mascara can begin to happen on the lash line. You may likewise see a portion of the magnets begin to turn out to be free or tumble off. All things considered, nothing keeps going forever, and keeping in mind that attractive lashes do last much more than customary strip lashes, there will come a moment that they can’t be saved and they’re prepared for the receptacle (sorry to be the unfortunate messengers!)

Our scope of bogus eyelashes is really straightforward and protected to utilize. Attractive eyelashes are likewise ideal for individuals with hypersensitivities to conventional lash pastes. In case you’re feeling somewhat overpowered by our staggering choice of attractive lashes then, at that point it’s OK, since we’ve done a summary blog entry of the best Kiss styles here.

In the event that you’ve perused each manual for attractive lashes you can discover and you’re still not certain, then, at that point we have heaps of authentic client audits for you to peruse. You can plainly see the star rating for every item we stock (where surveys have been left by clients.) Simply click the item, look down the page, and you can see supportive remarks and pointers from different clients who have bought those lashes. Much of the time there are likewise selfies and cosmetics pictures that show precisely how these falsies look once applied. You’ll battle to discover a particularly complete choice of certified client surveys elsewhere.

Each and every thing here at accompanies totally FREE first Class conveyance in the Australia Newzealand UK or Europe when you burn through AUD20 or more – that incorporates our full scope of attractive eyelashes and eyeliner packs. We just stock veritable items sourced straightforwardly from the actual brands and their authority wholesalers. So the thing would you say you are hanging tight for? Submit your request with us now, you won’t be frustrated!